Bendy Rail 78″-long, SKU: 24033

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SKU: 24033


  • 78″-long bendable curtain rail in white
  • use for supporting shower curtains
  • bend to most any shape desired; smallest curve possible has a 3″ radius
  • made of aluminum and plastic
  • aluminum channels are held together by plastic sleeve
  • the gap between the aluminum channels forms a track in which to insert hooks for suspending curtains
  • designed for hook & glide connectors (item code CN7099-WH)
  • standard plastic curtain rings will fit around a bendy rail
  • includes mounting brackets for securing each end of the rail to a wall, and one drop rod assembly for securing the rail to the ceiling
  • aluminum drop rod is 24″-long (cut to length as necessary)
  • includes fastener hardware for bracket and drop rod installation
  • for more details on this item please see product Specification Form

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