Accessible Bathrooms

We strive to make bathrooms easier to use and a safer, more comfortable space for seniors, those living with a variety of health conditions, and the caregivers who assist them. Our team of healthcare specialists and home modification experts know how to create the bathroom you and your family deserve.

Here are a few questions to help you start planning your project:

+ Is there enough clear floor space for aided mobility?
+ Does your loved one use an assistive device?
+ Are the bathtub and shower safe to get in and out of?
+ Are the controls reachable, easy to use and require little strength?
+ Where are the grab bars needed in the bathroom?
+ Is there ample space around the toilet?

The team at ARC benefit from years of industry expertise, a worldwide support network, and robust global supply chain that make us the obvious choice for inclusive bathroom solutions. Our wide range of accessible bathroom products includes shower seats, grab bars, caregiver doors, shower screens, toilet risers, as well as a large collection of curbless, barrier-free shower bases for seamless access in and out of the shower.

Removing common obstacles and installing intelligent, inclusive accessories can make a huge difference, and help people to retain, and even regain their independence when using the bathroom, which is our ultimate goalto make life better

ARC Accessible Solutions

  1. Curbless & Low-Level Shower Bases
  2. Screens & Caregiver Doors 
  3. Shower Curtains & Rails
  4. Wall Panels
  5. Shower Seats
  6. Grab Bars

Curbless & Low-Level Shower Bases

+ Removes dangerous trip hazards with level-entry access
+ Multiple models to choose from with flexible size and drain options
+ Quick, easy-to-install and extremely cost-effective solution

Barrier-free showering increases accessibility and safety for all with the risk of trips and falls vastly reduced when you replace a step-in shower or bathtub with a curbless, zero-entry shower.

Designed for inclusive spaces, TrueDEK Classic and TrueDEK Ultimate Linear Shower Bases are made from incredibly strong, compression mold glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) that can be finished with tile, stone, or weldable vinyl, and boasts an impressive weight limit of 840lbs which can support a wheelchair user and carer.

Pre-finished with a beautiful stone-effect textured surface, FastDEK Shower Bases offer reassuringly high levels of slip resistance and quick, efficient drainage to help with the prevention of accidents – ideal for accessible bathrooms

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Shower Curtains & Rails

  • Quick drying, breathable fabric
  • Shape rail by hand, trim to size
  • Practical alternative to or accessory for shower screens

If a shower screen is not suitable for someone’s needs, then a shower curtain and rail can be a highly practical alternative that offers full access to the shower while preserving the person’s dignity.

Designed to be easy to open for people of all abilities, our Breathable Shower Curtains hang straight and heavy, even when wet, and do not billow. The quick drying breathable fabric also allows air to pass through should someone fall and become entangled.

Bendy Curtain Rails can be shaped to fit any curve with the plastic flexible enough to be easily bent by hand and trimmed down to any length.

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Screens & Caregiver Doors

  • Designed for compatibility with almost all ARC shower bases
  • Tempered glass screens available with or without a deflector panel
  • Half-height caregiver doors bi-fold enable carer-assisted showering

Our full-height, wall-mounted Glass Shower Screens offer a stylish yet practical finish for accessible bathrooms, with optional deflector panels and a choice of polished chrome and matte black frames.

Caregiver Doors are perfect for those needing assistance when showering, with double bi-folding doors that fold away to offer wheelchair users maximum space, shatter proof plastic panels, and easy-grip latch handles; they also come with an L-shaped Bendy Curtain Rail and two Breathable Shower Curtains.

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Wall Panels

  • Designs complement range of decors
  • Ideal for people with care needs
  • Hard-wearing to withstand impact

Wall panels provide a stylish yet practical finish especially designed for people with care needs.

Made from high strength composite with an extremely durable waterproof finish, Velena Wall Panels are much easier to clean than tiles and cover a large area with
fewer joins. No grout is required either, reducing the areas where bacteria can thrive.

Shower seats and grab bars can also be fitted without compromising the finish

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Shower Seats

  • Variety of stylish, modern designs which fold away when not in use
  • Strong metal legs with adjustable feet ensure durability and flexibility
  • Models available with backs and arms for greater support and comfort

Shower seats are a simple yet effective way to make showering an easier, more dignified experience for people with a variety of care needs.

Our range has been developed with advice from occupational therapists, end users and contractors to ensure they meet high standards of functionality and safety – without compromising on style.

Each model is made from a robust and durable materials which not only offer fantastic support but amazing comfort too, with designs which promote the importance of aesthetics when designing an accessible bathroom

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Grab Bars

  • Variety of colors, finishes, and designs for different needs and decors
  • Supports weight-loading of up to 440lbs
  • ADA compliant models available

The first step in creating a safe space for seniors or people with reduced mobility is often to install a load-bearing grab bar for support with standing, sitting, balancing, and moving around the bathroom.

With several collections of grab bars, we offer something for everyone, whether the person prefers a contemporary stainless-steel finish, or requires a warm-to-touch textured surface that aids with grip.

All our grab bars have been designed to be strong, providing reassurance when it’s needed most, with a range of fold-up options available for people needing assistance when lowering and raising from the toilet

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