Installing TrueDEK Shower Bases – 4 Steps to Success

Zero-entry showering is the new standard in bathroom design with more customers demanding safer, step-free access. Luckily for you, we’re the experts when it comes to creating barrier-free showers, with our range of TrueDEK Classic shower bases being sold worldwide for over 25 years.

We know from experience that building a zero-entry shower couldn’t be easier, but we also understand that many contractors are hesitant to join the curbless revolution because they don’t yet understand how truly simple the solution is.

Going curbless doesn’t need to be expensive or involve risky joist modifications, our collection of TrueDEK shower bases can be installed in just 4 quick and easy steps, which is why they’re tried, tested, and trusted by contractors all over the globe.


1 – Remove subfloor and add blocking

Pre-sloped TrueDEK shower bases are thin yet incredibly strong, so once the subfloor has been removed, you don’t need to cut into any joists, just add blocking around the perimeter and around the drain for support.


2 – Install shower base

Install the lightweight base directly onto the joist and into a bed of Tank/10 Construction Adhesive. TrueDEK shower bases come with a flat perimeter that benefits from pre-drilled, countersunk pilot holes, which allow you to further secure the base to the joist using the screws provided.


3 – Connect drain and seal joins

Plumb in your drain (for Classic and Classic8 models see Classic Drains) and connect this to the drain line. Then seal all joins around the outside of the base and along the walls using joint reinforcement tape, a drain gasket, and Tank/10 Waterproofing Compound, materials which are available a la carte or supplied in our TrueDEK Waterproofing Kits.


4 – Complete waterproofing

Once the seams are sealed, cover the entire shower in two coats of Tank/10 waterproofing compound to ensure your installation is completely watertight.

When the area is dry and fully cured, you’re free to install wall panels, tile, and/or commercial-grade vinyl flooring in the shower.


Interested in joining the curbless revolution?
Browse our site to view our impressive range of curbless TrueDEK shower bases and download installation instructions for each model to prove how easy it really is.

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