Tank/10 Liquid Waterproofing Compound – ½ Gallon

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+ Suitable for use in all bathroom types, including steam showers
+ Typically dries in less than 2 hours
+ Covers approx. 50-60sq ft per gallon when waterproofing


Tank/10 high performance, premium latex liquid waterproofing compound provides a seamless moisture barrier for use in demanding wet area environments. Its elastomeric properties provide a protective, flexible interface that reduces the risk of substrate cracks transferring to finished tile or stone flooring, and expands and contracts – other liquid waterproofing products will expand, but do not have a memory to contract again.

Product Specification:

  • Suitable for use in steam showers with industry-leading perm rating of .061
  • Remains usable through two freeze/thaw cycles
  • Typically dries in less than 2 hours
  • For waterproofness, apply Tank/10 to 20 mil. thickness (two coats liberally applied)
  • 3-year shelf life (when stored indoors between 40°-110° in unopened, sealed original container)
  • Covers 50-60 sq ft per gallon for waterproofing (two-coats); 100-120 sq ft per gallon for anti-fracture membrane only (one-coat)
  • Easy to apply with a brush, ½” nap paint roller or trowel
  • May be applied to many substrates, including plastic, all types of tile backer board and mortar beds
  • For more details, see Specification Sheet
  • Review installation instructions before beginning your project

Specification Sheets

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