Tuff Form8 Shower Base – 39 ³⁄8” x 39 ³⁄8

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+ Create a zero-entry shower without modifying joists
+ Rotating drain plate offers up to 15* different positions to avoid obstructions
+ Simple to install, easy to cut, enlarge and customize
+ Structural compression mold GRP offers superior strength, up to 840lbs max.
+ Pre-sloped with 4 gradient planes for quick, efficient drainage


Designed to make installation as painless as possible, the unique rotating drain plate enables you to easily change the drain position to avoid joists or sub-floor obstructions. Each 45° turn of the octagonal plate moves the center of the drain, helping you achieve up to 15* different positions.

Tuff Form8 bases share all the same structural properties of Tuff Form Shower Base lines; they’re made from lightweight yet incredibly strong compression molded glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) which offers superior support for wheelchair users and/or those needing assistance with showering, and are the ideal foundation for ceramic tile, natural stone, or weldable vinyl flooring.

All Tuff Form shower bases offer the timeless advantages of zero-entry access which is designed to be wheelchair and disability friendly, as well as easier to clean and safer to use for the whole family, for years to come.

Product Specification:

  • Made from compression molded glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) for superior strength
  • 840lbs max. capacity when installed on 16″ o.c. joist systems, enough to support a wheelchair user and carer
  • Waffle underside ensures rigidity while being lightweight (approx. 32lbs)
  • Install on wooden joists (no need to notch, lower or alter joists), sub-floor, or concrete
  • Can be cut down to size on all sides using standard power tools (within 6″ of drain)
  • Extend size of pitch to comply with ADA regulations using Pitch Extension panels
  • 6¼” drain hole diameter
  • Rotating octagonal drain plate with off-center drain hole helps to avoid conflicts between drain and any sub-floor obstructions
  • Up to 15 different drain positions; rotate drain plate by 45° for 8 different drain positions, 7 further positions achieved by rotating base by 180° due to off-center drain hole
  • 4 pre-sloped gradient planes direct water flow towards drain
  • 2% per foot or greater gradient (varies due to length of pitch)
  • 7/8″ thick around perimeter
  • 1¾” wide leveling rim around perimeter with pre-bored, countersunk pilot holes
  • Finish with tile or stone (between ¼”-1″ thick) or commercial-grade weldable vinyl flooring
  • For tile that is 2″ x 2″ or smaller, conform to the pitched contours of the base; for tile larger than 2″ x 2″, make valley cuts so the tile lays properly on all pre-pitched surfaces
  • Covered by AKW limited lifetime warranty
  • You will need an AKW Waterproofing Kit and Classic Drain assembly
  • For more details, see Specification Sheet
  • Review installation instructions before beginning your project

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